Letter To Juliet

Dear Juliet, it’s that time of the year again when I’m supposed to proof my undying love to you. Deep down in my heart, I’d love to get you a beautiful pair of Louboutins, a Chanel bag, get sick on Swiss chocolates and take a long drive together listening to our favourite songs. Make out on the Eifel tower. Every lady wants this, even if she pretends she doesn’t, who doesn’t want to be spoilt silly on Valentine’s Day. But Romeo still has a long way to go before he can fulfill such fantasies, since Romeo writes, here’s a letter from Romeo professing his undying love to you:
All this time you were in front of me and I never saw you. A gentle hello. A curt nod. A smile. Some words exchanged and that was all that existed before fate happened or so I like to think. You walked into my heart and all of a sudden my all so perfect circadian rhythm was recalibrated. Your smile. Your scent. Those eyes. Whenever lights fall on them there’s this hazelnut glow they radiate. In your expressiveness, I’ve found my voice. The subtlety with which you don’t give a fuck, might just save me from the recluse I am so sure I’ll become. You exposed a side to me that I probably didn’t know existed. I’d never for the life of me thought myself a romantic, yet here I am sitting and typing a love letter. The thought of you sends my neurons firing. Your gentle kisses, like you fear you’ll hurt me. I’m not comfortable being vulnerable, but whenever I’m around you I want to bring my guard down and not be perfect.
Your flair for the dramatic though, guess we can thank the XY chromosome for that! Who knows, there just might be a thespian in you. Affable, bubbly, liberal. Qualities I battle to grasp, yet you exude them without a thought, I should definitely pick a page from your book. Far from perfect that you are, I hope I’ll have a bedside seat to watch you blossom, and become the best you can possibly become.
I’m no seer. I don’t know what awaits in the future, but the problems of today are enough on their own. I’ll savour every moment of this present. The joy. The peace. The happiness of it all. Perfect love casts out fear.
To all the Romeos and Juliet out there, today is not the day you offer yourself up as prove of your love. Its 2019, I trust you’re not that naïve. Today is the day you have to be thankful for all that you share. Take a stroll together. Share a bucket of ice-cream together. See a movie together. Exchange cards, if the words in it are not expressive enough, by jove write yours. It’s not that hard. Just be sincere. If Juliet insist you give more than you can afford, I hope you’ll sit down and really consider her motives. And if Romeo asks for more than you can give. I do hope you’ll be resolute and take a stand. I hope you both realize this show of love is both ways. You shouldn’t leave all the professing and proving to Romeo. Surprise him. Hell cherish you for that.
Have fun love birds and chirp your hearts out.
To a romantic valentine’s day!


Just recently ‘The Guardian” released an interview featuring Unai Emery which has brought about a lot of responses from football lovers especially Arsenal fans. I would like to say that Sid Lowe did a great job with that article because I don’t think anyone was ready to hear anything Emery had to say about his time at Arsenal football club. Tragic!!! While most Arsenal fans are of the opinion that Unai Emery should forget about his time at the club, Unai Emery still has a lot of things to get off his chest. May I remind you that the story was not always like this or would I say, never meant to be like this.

unai emery

After what I would like to call a bitter sweet Arsene Wenger Era

arsene wenger

, On the 23rd of May, 2018, Unai Emery was appointed as the new manager of Arsenal football club. While few fans were excited because they felt Arsenal needed someone fresh in charge, another set of fans were bothered on how long it would take Arsenal to get back to their days of glory, which is understandable, I mean Thursday night football can be hectic especially when rival fans playing the day before won’t stop talking. Football banter aside Emery had a pretty decent resume especially with Sevilla winning the Europa League back to back to back. In the mind of Arsenal fans 2018/2019 season was meant to be their year. Emery’s start to life at Arsenal was not rosy at all after losing his first two games in charge, at the time most Arsenal fans were focused on the fact that he was trying to learn English Language, rather than the team performances.

Emery and his team came back with a banger as they went on a 22 game unbeaten run from August to December. Arsenal fans being their usual selves made sure to blow their trumpet, it felt like finally the god of football was on their side, once again as long as the result was okay the performances did not matter to a lot of people. After the unbeatren run ended, ARSENAL’S GOAL AT THAT TIME WAS TO MAKE THE TOP 4 OR WIN EUROPA LEAGUE BECAUSE WEDNESDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL WAS NEEDED BADLY. The bad performances began to catch up with them as Top 4 slipped out of their fingers, I hate to say this, right here was where the Mustafi slander started, let me just keep quiet. Arsenal had one more shot to redeem themselves at Baku but as we all know they blew it, like they always do. This right here was when Emery’s problems no longer started doing pressups but became real. Well, Emery had another year to fix up, like Arsenal fans always tell themselves, this season is our seaon.

The 2019/2020 season kicked off after a smooth preseason, Arsenal fans were hyped because for the first time in a long while the transfer market was good to them. Kieran Tierney, Nicolas Pepe, David Luiz, Gabriel Martinelli and Dani Ceballos graced this Arsenal team and we all believed Emery’s Arsenal was destined for greatness, I mean once again 2019/2020 season was meant to be “Arsenal’s season”. From the first game of the season we began to see a more conservative style of football from Arsenal, Although they were winning matches, things didn’t just seem right. Emery’s man management skills and tactics were questioned over and over again, on some days it looked like he was being too flexible, or he was playing to the strength of opponents, everything was going wrong. The question of why Ozil was missing from the team and while the likes of Torreira started playing the number 10 role became frequently asked. All of a sudden it looked like it was a game of EMERY VS ARSENAL.

Back to this recent interview Emery said a lot of things, while most of the things said might be things we already know, most Arsenal fans are triggered that Emery can’t stop talking about their dear club, I mean Emery has said more to the press of his one and a half year than Wenger ever said about this 22 years at the club.

THE RAMSEY SITUATION: Ramsey was a fine player for Arsenal no doubt, but how his contract was made to run till the last year before they started negotiations makes the subject too touchy. The back and forth of that extension deal was never going to favour the club. Thoughts like what if Ramsey ended up being another Ozil (no offense I love Ozil, but you get what I mean).

aaron ramsey

EMERY WANTED KOSCIENLY AND MONREAL TO STAY: I understand that these are experienced players and leaders in the team, but did Arsenal really need them again? If you don’t let these old players go, how do you get new ones. These players also made it clear that they didn’t want to stay. Koscienly even had to force his way out of the club, I mean this wasn’t a problem for Emery but I guess he just needed to get this off his chest.

THE PEPE VS ZAHA SITUATION: Firstly, I can understand Emery’s frustration about requesting for a player and not getting him but this is football, you don’t get every player you want. I mean Arsenal should have had players like Zlatan, Cristiano Ronaldo if it was that easy. Emery specifically said that he wanted Zaha because he believes he wins games, this sounds funny because looking at Crystal Palace and Zaha’s goal and assist contributions, I doubt Zaha is the winning games kind of guy. Don’t get me wrong he is skillful and has the experience of the Premier League, but if we call Aubameyang a match winner do you also call Zaha a match winner. Once again Emery’s game play here should have been to focus on getting the best out of Pepe for the sake of his team.

THE CAPTAINCY SITUATION: Emery explained that he wanted the captaincy decision to be 50% him and 50% the players. It played out like Emery didn’t want the burden of picking a captain. The question here is could Emery command his dressing room? You can’t delay picking a captain for so long then at the end of the day pick 5 captains. At the end of the Xhaka saga, I am sure Emery was thanking his stars that it was the players decision not his.

OZIL’S CRITICISMS: looking at Emery’s criticism of Ozil, players like Lucas Moura, Neymar and even Draxler comes to mind. We can all agree that Ozil of now is not like the Ozil of old. Once again this is another situation Emery could have handled better. Arsenal at a time were struggling without a creative player in the team and Ozil couldn’t make the bench. Were Emery’s criticisms constructive or destructive? It was a game of Emery vs Ozil or who would stay longer between the both of them?

mesut ozil

THE BOARD NOT PROTECTING HIM: Every manager feels more confident when they are being backed by the owners of the club, the board, the players and even the fans. Emery made mention of the fact that he didn’t publicly have the protection of the board. In as much as Arsenal fans might not want to hear it, this is very possible or somewhat true. Like he said during Wenger’s era, Wenger was in charge of a lot of things and Emery didn’t have that privilege. Once again I would like to question Emery’s man management skills. Why would you still stay if a club can not back you publicly? It is either you are in charge or not?

While some fans are screaming that Unai Emery gave opportunities to the likes of Saka, Willock, Guendozi, Smith Rowe and the likes, others are saying Arsene also gave opportunities to the likes of Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey and so much more.

I am glad Unai Emery could let this all out but it is time for him to move on. Wishing him all the best in his future endeavours.


Coronavirus popularly known as Covid-19 has disrupted a lot of activities we have all been looking forward to. For example the Premier League title race, who qualifies for the European league spots, how well will Bayern thrash Chelsea in the return leg of the Champions League and a lot of other football activities we were all hyped about. Football news sites have been so bored of recent that they have been trying their best to entertain us with commentary of old matches and some really relevant banter. I miss fresh football banter to be honest.

The uncertainty in the footballing world increases day by day. At first some football lovers like myself were excited that Liverpool’s title winning season was coming to an end, some also felt their team needed a break after a few back to back woeful performances, but never did we imagine that we would stay without football for this long. Let’s not forget that few players and staff contacted this virus along the line which made it clear that in as much as we want to see football games back on our screens the health of these players are of utmost importance.

players with covid 19

A few effects of Coronavirus on football includes:

  • Mental health of these players: we have always been focused on how the absence of football affects us as fans that we forget that these players are affected too. The mental health of these players should be assessed before they get back to playing again. Apart from the fact that they have stayed away from doing what they love most, the motivation of these players have also been affected. At this point I feel that if other domestic leagues can’t learn one or two from the Belgium’s league playbook, they should not be in a hurry to finish the league, if possible a mini preseason should take place before these competitions continue.
  • Transfer news saga: If there is anything that upsets me the most is false transfer news. The amount of speculation in the transfer market these past few days have been somewhat challenging. These players have not finished the 2019/2020 season and yet they are not sure of what next for their future. These speculations also doesn’t help the club management because the uncertainty of players future might force their hand to bid for players they might not need. There would also be a hike in the transfer market, for example, the rumour of Daniel Levy coming out to say he won’t be letting Harry Kane go for anything less that 200million Euros.
  • Wage cut issues: Another issue we have been seeing of late the idea of players and staff taking a wage cut for the rest of the year or the season. While some players might agree, some might not which might lead to disunity or a media outrage which is uncalled for or unnecessary. I think at this point every club should keep their financial works away from the media as much as possible, until there is a standard agreement. arsenalbarcelona players
  • Restructure of the football calendar: On a normal day, by this time of the season we would be getting towards the end of a football calendar year. With this break we are experiencing the world footballing bodies have to start setting up a new football timetable, for examples the likes of Euro 2020 have been moved to 2021, what happens to Qatar 2020, do we still experience our transfer window in August? So many unanswered questions!!! euro 2020


The 2015/2016 English Premier League season has to be one of the most unpredictable of all times. Leicester city took the league by storm by winning the EPL title ahead of Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester City.

This marked a new era in the English Premier League as there was a table shift. That same season Manchester United, Southampton and WestHam made the Europa league spot while Liverpool finished eighth that season. Looking back to that season and now a lot of things have changed. We have Liverpool currently sitting comfortable on top of the table with 46 points and are yet to lose a game this season.

What exactly changed?

New managers, New tactics, Different style of play, Exciting new players.

Using the 2016/2017 season as a case study, Antonio Conte winning the league with Chelsea in his first season brought a new dynamic to the league.

After losing his first two games that season, he changed the teams style of play to a 3-4-3 and things began to change, teams started trying out new formations and experimenting new style of play, this for me was a game changer.

As time went on different managers graced us with their presence, we had the likes of Klopp, Pep Guardiola, Sarri, Unai Emery, let’s not forget teams from the Championship also coming with a new drive and exciting set of players.

The 2019/2020 season looks like that unpredictable kind of season where the so called big teams tend to loose their footing on the table, I would not say the table is scattered but I mean Arsenal currently sit 9th after playing 17 games!!!

There was and is no longer a small team in quote in the Premier League. The unpredictability of the table this season has made us realize that we have to be more open minded than ever.

English Premier League has gone from recognizing the top 4 to the top 6, to the top 10. So the question now is are we about to experience a new era of dominance? Are the so called big teams tired of dominance? Has the introduction of new coaches to the league changed the game? Is VAR also a factor? Do teams in the Premier League deserve more UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SPOTS?

What exactly do you think?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section

#football #EnglishPremierLeague.

Dry Tears

She was kids delight
Her pool, a welcoming play ground
Men never cease to revel in her crystal clear, dazzling purity
Times have changed!
Men have now experienced her bitter side….. have they really?
Her admirations hasn’t lasted forever
Men have began to drown!
In pain her heart would sink
“Aargh! the flood!”, she bemoaned
With gritted teeth
An indelible blemish on her crystal clear
Sullying her sheer innocence
She is sour and bitter
Never intended it this way
Where would redemption come from?
She has taken a bitter pill and cursed her fate
Her eyes are welled up
Very telling that she wants to cry
God forbid she did,
Else, a worse fate is set!
Much devastating will it be
To befall those poor, bereaved lot
Who are yet to drown
“Only if men could spare me some empathy”
She’d always wished


The past few weeks has been tough for Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba, especially after the penalty miss against Wolves this season. He has been a victim of racist comments, abuse and all sorts of thrash you can think of. Let’s not forget the English media and these so called pundits that claim to know about football not holding back their ill comments concerning this fine player. No matter the club you support in England, you would agree with me that even on a bad day, Pogba is one of the best midfielders there is.

Though Manchester United finished 6th last season, Pogba finished on a fine form especially after the appointment of Ole where he scored 13 goals

Out of those 13 goals, 7 were penalties, and out of 12 penalties last season he scored 9 and missed 3. So those fans and pundits saying Pogba doesn’t have United DNA because of his recent penalty miss should check the stats well.

Before we even drag this matter let me just highlight some stats of Pogba. In all competitions sine he rejoined United in 2016, he has scored 31 goals and offered 29 assists in 135 appearances. In both 2016/2017 and 2018/2019 season United failed to win a Premier League game against a big six rival without Pogba starting. Pogba attempted 47 tackles in the EPL last season, engaged in 493 duels, 163 more than any teammate and he won 234 of those duels. Only 6 players won more fouls than Pogba last season (69).

Let me not bore you so much with statistics. Let’s talk a look at the position he is being played. In August 2016 Pogba stated that he preferably likes to play on the left of the midfield, although he can play as a holding midfielder, a bonafide central midfielder and a box to box midfielder. I can’t help but notice that this season during the first game against Chelsea he offered 2 assists in their 4-0 win when he played as a central midfielder but the last two games that he has played as a DM had not been productive.

I can go on and on about his stats and accomplishments but we are so focused on the cost of the player and the negatives that we leave the positives. I honestly believe that Pogba is not overrated and should be appreciated more..






The 2019 African cup of Nations kicks off on the 21st of June 2019. I believe the excitement of the fans and players can not be overemphasized. A competition we get to see the likes of Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, Alex Iwobi, Kalidou Koulibaly is definitely one to be hyped up for.

Let’s take a look at some major talking points as we countdown to this competition

VAR : Video Assistant Referee Technology has definitely come to stay in the football world. However CAF has said that it will not make use of it during the group stages because of the lack of logistics and capabilities to operate the system, however it would start off at the quarter finals stage. The big question is if VAR is not ready to be used or there is uncertainty, wouldn’t it be safe to not use it at all. Looking at the fact that even the capable VAR system can still very controversial, take for instance the FIFA WOMEN WORLD CUP GAME between Nigeria and France. So if there are doubts should it be used at all??

  • MO SALAH AND SADIO MANE GUNNING FOR ANOTHER TITLE: Both players played a huge role for Liverpool in winning the Champions league and runners up in the English Premier League. They both hold the Golden boot for the 2018/2019 Premier League season along side Arsenal and fellow African star boy Aubameyang. This competition would most likely determine the AFRICAN PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD, which both players would definitely be gunning for.
  • YOUNG PLAYERS TO LOOK OUT FOR: Africa is known to produce exciting young stars and the 2018/2019 football season once again proved that. We have the likes of Hakim Ziyech of Morrocco who played a big role in Ajax successful season. Let’s not forget Samuel Chukweze of Nigeria, he was definitely a joy to watch last season as he played a major role in making sure Villarreal stay in the Laliga for the next season. He has been linked with a move to Liverpool, ManCity. Henry Onyekuru, another Nigerian starlet, was impressive for Galatasary last season. He scored a total of 14 goals and bagged 3assits in the Super Lig last season. Yousef Atal of Algeria who plays for Nice. He is a defender and an exciting fullback. He registered 6goals in 29 ligue 1 games last
  • WATCH OUT FOR THE SO CALLED UNDERDOGS: In every competition we hear of teams that are labelled under dogs probably because of their rankings. Countries like Madagascar, Burundi,Mauritania are making their AFCON debuts this year. Let’s not over look the fact that Madagascar were the first team to book their ticket after getting 10 points from 4 matches. Algeria recently failed to beat Gambia during the qualifying stages so if they are to get anything from Group C where they play the likes of Kenya, Senegal and Tanzania they must bring their A game. Both Cameron and Ghana have new managers and it would be interesting to see how they set up in this tournament.

Who do you think would be crowned champions? Please leave your remarks and thoughts in the comment section.

#football #AFCON2019


One Foot Away

Oh my, how persistent he was. He drilled hard till he crumbled my walls. Suwe was not ready to give up! Didn’t take him long to figure the pain behind my smiles. How he could peek through and find the pain behind my smiles. A stranger-in no time-turn whatchamacallit. A friend? So I thought.
He insisted in bonding, I gave in to his deafening pleas and headed out with him for a nice time. How could I have been witless. I still can’t get over it. His empathy got me spell bound. His caring words never stop lingering.
“Life just messed you up”, he would say. It can’t get any messier than this. There are a million ways to get out of this, you know. Oh two-faced Suwe!
So we did set out for our bonding mission. The environment was serene, the pathway seemed harmless. I couldn’t have felt more secure with Suwe. We trod on the fine sand, with sheer bliss of getting out of the mess all over me. Suddenly there was a slip, a step further and it’s a free fall! Right into the valley. No! blimey, it was a pit!
As I trembled, sweating in buckets, I turned around and asked “Suwe, was this one of the million ways?” “Oh! Suwe. But where is Suwe? Didn’t we both slip?” Reality knocked me out of delusion. Suwe was never with me. I was alone, damned by my suicidal thought as I followed it sheepishly. I never knew I was on a journey of no return.

Say NO to suicide!

Co-writer: Adebayo Raji

How far is too far?

You love her look on those beautiful wigs (talk about that feeling of ‘that’s-my-baby right there!’ 😉) she puts on seldomly because she would rather rock her natural hair☹️.
Although you’d never forget how you were stunned that wonderful afternoon when you saw him on that Italian double-breasted suit (OsheyJoromi baby😋), you don’t remember when you saw him again in similar appearance because your zaddy loves to  go casual- like always😒.
These amongst several are scenarios that provoke a craving in a lover to  try to make his/her partner adjust in some ways. You think that’s selfish? Perhaps not always in all cases really.
Quite essential it is in a relationship to love who your partner loves to be, suffice to say personality. However down the line, ideas will surely pop up on how you can pep up your love life which may affect the lifestyle of your chic or bobo. After all, humans are naturally insatiable and tend to achieve as much as possible satisfaction in whatever they are into.
“I never knew she’s got two left feet. Just look at her dancing steps. Hian !”
“Will Ben ever try to watch cartoon with me for once? This football thing is madness!” Those are just one-sided opinion in a party of two wherein being rational and considerate are key to having a great time with each other. Therefore, communicating these ideas matters alot- you don’t want to imagine what happens when you don’t get the words right because you sure gonna rock the boat or call it the ship of your relationship. Yet even at that, while expressing what you suggest for a more fun relationship, you might be trespassing your lover’s boundary.

Now it’s your call guys, what kind of suggestions from your partners turn on the red light for you in a relationship, you can share scenarios too. Feel free to drop your comments. Can’t wait to read them!

Call your bluff!

Everyone has got something to unlock
If it were a picture
Tuwe! Life won’t give a free glimpse
It is a puzzle to be solved
Speculations won’t help neither would guesses.
Man up to the challenges
Innovation is sobbing for liberation
Fit the puzzle together
It can’t be so elusive.
Pacing about in the darkness
Searching for a glimpse of light
Edison did find his in a bulb
After several flashes of ideas.
Oh! Such an aura!
Like the right colour pops up in a beaker
That’s the crux of the matter
Nothing else could have been better.
Conceived by a dream
Delivered of by strong will
“Eureka! Eureka!”
Right under the voice of Archimedes, lies fulfilment
Blaze the trail
Discover your eureka too.


The 2018/2019 football season is finally coming to an end, especially as we anticipate the all ENGLISH UEFA FINALS( Believe me, I am as amazed as you are). Before we start the transfer news saga(🙄🙄 Arsenal please hold Auba and Lacazette tight o) let’s take a look at some teams I believe made a positive or negative statement in the football world.

REAL MADRID: For a club that won back to back to back champions league this definitely has to be their worse season ever. They definitely lost the plot once Ronaldo and Zidane left. The biggest question on everyone’s lips was who would replace the person that scores 50+ goals on a regular and guess what they brought Vincius jnr to replace him, no offense to the young player but I don’t see him taking the Ronaldo’s mantle anytime soon especially if he doesn’t work on his scoring abilities. The funny thing is some people thought Ronaldo was preventing Bale and Benzema from shining. My question is who dey hold their switch now o?

JUVENTUS: When Ronaldo left Real Madrid most of his fans became Juventus supporters believe me the amount of people watching Serie A multiplied* 2. But the major shocker was Ajax humbling them in the Champions league. To me Juventus were not one of the biggest winners this season. They should hug the Serie A abeg

WOLVES: Anytime I see this team play I am always excited. They sincerely caused havoc this season to every top side in the top 6. I for one called them king slayers because anytime they meet the so called big teams their inner Barcelona just comes out 😂😂😂. The addition of Jimenez, Neves to their team also helped a lot. The finished 7th this season meaning they have the opportunity to play in the Europa league next season, for me this is a big WIN.

FULHAM: I really don’t have much to say about them but after spending close to 100million in the summer transfer window and you still go on relegation, then you know you have a big problem. They are definitely one of the biggest losers this season.

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR: To be very honest I never thought I would ever see this team in a Champions league final but what can I say the unpredictability of this game can not be overlooked. Tottenham hotspur made top 4 this season and are currently in the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE final AND THEY DIDN’T SPEND A SINGLE PENNY IN THE TRANSFER WINDOW. LETS BE HONEST, THEY ARE DEFINITELY ONE OF THE BIGGEST WINNERS

AJAX: This team made history as they sent both Real Madrid and Juventus back to their respective homes from the Champions league. Unfortunately they lost the plot against Tottenham in the semi finals but they sincerely deserve a lot of credit. Winning the domestic double and making it to the semifinals of the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE is definitely a big win for these youngsters.

LIVERPOOL: So I am a little bit confused on where to rank them. After bottling a 7 point lead, Manchester City won the league, but they were very fantastic this season with a total of 97 points. They are currently in the Champions league final. But the big question what happens if they go trophyless? Finishing second in the league and overturning a 3 nil deficit against Barcelona to reach the Champions league final is a Win. Let’s not take it away from them a lot of these players have stepped up this season, the likes of Robertson, Arnold, Wijnaldum have been fantastic but would these achievements be enough to label them one of the biggest Winners?

ARSENAL: A season in the Post Wenger Era and I have to say that things look positive for arsenal. Though some fans believe Unai Emery still needs to prove himself, he made a big statement this season especially with the 22 games unbeaten run and making it to the Europa league final. Though I still feel they bottled the top 4 with their own hands.This season was definitely a Win for them. But I still put them in the category of Liverpool because without the Europa league trophy I don’t see them as one of the biggest Winners this season.

MANCHESTER UNITED: The only good thing that happened is that they finished 6th this season apart from that they have gone from saying Mourinho was their problem, to someone needs to release Pogba to Ole is at the wheel. Well I would let United fans answer this question by themselves. They are definitely not one of the winners this season, talkless of Biggest Winners but do we see them as one of the biggest losers?

I know very well that this is not a detailed piece on this topic,this article is just to make highlight on this topic. A proper analysis would be done on my podcast so please follow @kasbornofficial to get more updates.

I also know I couldn’t cover all the teams you would like to talk about so feel free to put your opinions in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.


At the beginning of the 2018/2019 season, Chelsea football club decided to employ former Napoli manager, Maurizio Sarri. When he was first hired, 90% of football lovers talked about his cigarettes abilities, 7% didn’t really know what he could bring to the table, let’s just say the remaining 3% talked about his tactical abilities.

The season started brightly for Sarri and his Chelsea men, after the first 12 matches in the Premier League, Chelsea had won 8, drawn 4 and lost none. At this point they had scored 27 goals, conceded just 5 and registered 6 clean sheets, which means they had an average of 2.25goals per match. Let’s not also forget the 71 shots on target they recorded with a passing accuracy as high as 89%.( Well I believe this is the reason Chelsea fans could not stop singing Jorginho’s praises.) Hazard was also on fine form banging in goals, MORATA reduced missing in games, Kante was in excellent form. Chelsea fans believed the real Chelsea was back, infact they were title contenders to be honest.

Well, the celebrations didn’t last long. The problem started after Chelsea lost their 13th game on the 24th of Nov 2018. Losing 3-1 to a well coordinated Tottenham side. Fans started to question Sarri’s style of play and some player selections. But that was just his 1st loss so the banter reduced. In 2 weeks they lost to Wolves and I tell your their fans were not having it,but they calmed down after their against Man City at the Bridge.

Let’s fast forward to the 19th of January 2019 when Chelsea lost to their London rivals, Arsenal, followed by another heavy defeat to Bournemouth. At this stage Chelsea were no longer title contenders, but were struggling to make the top 4 . Let’s not also forget Sarri openly questioning the mentality of his players.

Chelsea fans have gone from thinking MORATA was their problem, to others are saying Sarri’s system doesn’t work anymore. Their 5 nil win against Huddersfield silenced few critics especially as they moved up to 4th on the log. Funny enough, when they met the big boys on the 10th of February 2019, they were thrashed 6 nil with Aguero and Sterling running the show. The likes of David Luiz and co were terrible in defense, Alonso once again proved he is a man out of form, Hazard was left Clueless as there was little or nothing he could create. Let’s not even talk about Pedro’s performance. Though few fans are of the opinion that Man City were just too good for Chelsea. Recent events has shown that Sarri is yet to find the right system to take Chelsea to greater heights, especially seeing they are now 6th on the premier league table.

But the major question is Where did he go wrong? Is it his style of player, selection of players? Or as the players not good enough? Even some say he plays some of these players out of position. Let’s know what you think in the comment section below.


Sniffs sniffs sniffs

Tears keep rolling

Assumed you were never leaving

Thought you would keep leaning

Knew you were a born fighter.

Swollen eyes, running nose, banging head

Trembling hands and feet

Speechless with a lot of what ifs

Tragedy of Nerd Stark

Can’t be matched with our aching hearts.

You never stopped smiling

The tiptoes of your faith

Made fear shiver

In one way or the other

You inspired us all.

We never wanted you to go

We never thought of you leaving

We are yet to recover from the shock

Our hearts keep calling your name with unanswered questions.

We know you are safe now

But never forget

You are loved

You are missed

You are respected

And you would never be forgotten.

We love you ❤️.


Last night I had a dream that Liverpool bottled the league and believe me when I say this, my dreams always come to pass 😂. Biko let’s come back to reality.

All around the world the attention to the English Premier League has doubled ever since Liverpool started showing signs of being Champions. At first it was called initial gra gra, in the middle we thought it would soon pass, but guess what our favorite clubs decided to slip down the table, while some clubs have made up their minds that the only thing worth fighting for is top 4 or top 6 finish( they know themselves) other clubs are making sure Liverpool don’t win the league. My question is why are 80% of EPL lovers against them? Well let’s say if I was Barcelona and Valencia are close to winning the LaLiga title I would be offended. ( No offense Liverpool fans 🤐).

Klopp has been able to pin down a very good squad, though I still believe the squad doesn’t have the depth at all, considering they have Champions league against Bayern Munich soon 😪 oops. The likes of Keita, Fabinho and the rest can’t keep struggling for consistency. Let’s not forget that they have Salah, Firmino and Mane who are excellent goal poachers. After watching their game yesterday all I could notice was the fatigue of these players. But when I remember Pep Guardiola and his City squad

All I see is Aguero, Sterling, Sane,KDB, Mahrez, D.Silva,B. Silva, if I continue we won’t finish from here. The depth of this squad can scare any club in the top 6 away 😂😂, ask Arsenal fans they can testify. Let’s us not overlook Tottenham because though they have no squad depth, they are good at sneaking up wins and causing major upsets. Chelsea, Arsenal and United are hustling for that no 4 so Liverpool should just let them be 😉.

Liverpool have worked too hard to bottle this title, but looking at their performance for 2 weeks, the gap between them and ManCity has reduced to just 3, meaning the race is not over at all. Who are you cheering on to cross the finish line first?

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section.

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With  Maurizio Sarri Openly criticizing the Chelsea Players after the match against Arsenal , it is no news that this is a very important issue for football fans.  While some fans are of the opinion that he is right to criticize the players openly, other fans think the criticism should be left in the dressing room.

Maurizio Sarri after Chelsea’s loss to Arsenal

On Saturday , we saw Chelsea lose to a very hungry Arsenal side, while the match was interesting for Arsenal fans, it was a very frustrating day for both the manager and the supporters of Chelsea. Arsenal started the match with so much intensity and looked the more determined side for majority of the match, so it was no surprise when Alexandre Lacazette scored the first goal with some beautiful touches (touches lukaku can only dream of) and wonderful finish assisted by a cross from Hector Bellerin.

Lacazettte celebrates Arsenal’s first goal

After the first goal , Chelsea had some good moments in which they should have scored, but Arsenal were able to keep them at bay . It was very obvious that Chelsea needed that target man in the box and Sarri’s tactics of using Hazard as a false nine was clearly not working. While Chelsea had the good moments after the first goal, Arsenal were able to score the second goal from a weird touch from Koscielny’s shoulders , who had an excellent performance.

The second goal from Koscielny showed that Chelsea were not in the right mood for the game because Koscielny was the only Arsenal player in the box(amidst about 6 Chelsea players ) when Sokratis Beckham-like  volley cross  was sent into the box. Arsenal were able to hold on to the 2-0 lead for the rest of the game while Chelsea could barely create any goal scoring chance, having only one shot on target.

Koscielny celebrates Arsenal’s second goal

After the game the Chelsea manager  was left fuming at his players and decided to give a post match conference in Italian, so that he would not be misunderstood. He said “I have to say that I’m extremely angry, very angry indeed”. “This defeat was due to our mentality more than anything else, our mental approach “. He later said “but the fact of the matter is it appears this group of players are extremely difficult to motivate “.

Ouch ! tough words from the managers to the players , I for sure would not want to hear that from my coach if I was a player. Sarri has received backlash from pundits, the media and some football fans. Garry Neville  believes the Italian would get sacked in the next eighteen months saying its “inevitable” at Chelsea and the Italian should say how he feels now that he has control. The Chelsea manager has also gotten support from  some players like David Luiz, who recently came out and said that he is behind his manager.

Personally, I think the Italian was right to voice out his feelings and displeasure about the match but I don’t think he was right to criticize his players. From experience, managers that follow this path often lose their jobs, A prime example being Jose Mourinho who has lost his job twice in the past five years.

Mourinho and Pogba before he lost his job

With Gonzalo Higuain coming in , the Chelsea supporters would expect better results  and performances but was the Italian manager right to criticize openly? I leave the answer for you to decide.

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The January transfer window has been slow for a lot of clubs, but one club trying to do good business is Chelsea football club. While some clubs are saying they don’t have money to buy, Chelsea has been busy making money moves 😊.

The Chelsea transfer on everyone’s lips is the HIGUAIN move. But before I dive into this issue, What went wrong for MORATA?. Few seasons ago, Morata was definitely hot cake, Inshort before his move to Chelsea, Chelsea had to face competitive interest from the likes of Manchester United. Well one thing I am sure of is that Manchester United fans and management would be happy that deal didn’t go through. I mean before coming to the Premier League, he had quite an impressive run in Juventus (so we think 🤫).

Let’s leave the past and face the present, HIGUAIN would be moving to Chelsea in a couple of hours and Morata on the other hand would be going to Athletico Madrid. Some fans are of the opinion that Morata was never good enough, others say he is just not meant for English football, Football lovers know how much unhealthy bants 😂😂 Morata has been under due to his unimpressive performances at Chelsea.

Well Sarri ball doesn’t seem to be working for MORATA but is HIGUAIN the solution?

Chelsea fans are really digging in on this one, some are happy Morata is leaving, some are skeptical HIGUAIN is the solution. I have another question for the fans though. Do you think 31 year old HIGUAIN is the replacement that can give you the goals you need? Let’s take a look at a few statistics for both players.

MORATA: 2015/2016 season 7 goals in 34games, 2016/2017 season 15goals in 26games, 2017/2018 season 11goals in 31games, 2018/2019 season 5 goals in 16games

HIGUAIN: 2015/2016 season 36goals in 35games, 2016/2017season 24goals in 38games, 2017/2018season 16goals in 35games, 2018/2019 season 6goals in 15 games.

Looking at this stats, Do you think HIGUAIN is A MORATA in disguise? Do you think HIGUAIN would profit from the Sarri ball factor? Do you think MORATA is not meant for the English Premier League?. Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you 😊.

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What’s up guys? I know you missed me and my healthy bants, well I missed you guys too. Now I am back in full force.😊. Most of my readers Know that I have a soft spot for Arsenal football club, but this article is not just about me but I am writing as a football lover.

Arsenal fans we need to talk!!😔 At the beginning of this current season after we lost our first two league games, we started a 22 game unbeaten record in all competitions. At that time Arsenal fans were on a high. When I mean high I mean a real high, we thought we had left the era of been the banter club. Well we concluded too fast. 6 months into the Post Wenger era and we are back to square one.

First and foremost all those fans that insulted Wenger should apologise, I mean it, he deserves our apologies 😢.

Emery was seen as a master class by many at the beginning of the season but Midway he seems clueless and practically stubborn. One funny thing about this situation is few months ago average players and even the flops at the clubs were seen as super stars, (let me not mention names because I don’t want to shake tables).

The inconsistency of most of these players is quite alarming, games we desperately need 3 points we end up with a point or sometimes no point. Arsenal would meet teams like Bournemouth or even Wolves at start shaking. Arsenal has moved from a top 4 team to a mid table team in 6 months, we have lost a 11 point gap and more players to injury than ever.

Let’s start with our defense. Presently Arsenal doesn’t have a serious or reliable centre back and thus statement is not up for debate. A club that sees Sokratis as their best defender, Koscienly makes our first 11, and Mustafi, I don’t even understand, We thought we bought class in Leno but what can I say 🤦.

Our midfield, we have Xhaka, Torreira, Guendozi,Ramsey Elneny,Ozil,Iwobi and the likes. But Unai Emery looks at his midfield list and drops Ozil for tactical reasons 😡. Xhaka has started making more errors than usual and Niles should be starting ahead of Guendozi in the middle of the pitch, YES I SAID SO.

We have a good attacking force with the likes of Aubameyang and Lacazette but I am still of the opinion that Emery doesn’t know how to get the best from these players.

Now in the January transfer window, Arsenal football club says they have no money, I know right the 6th richest club in the world, they are just mad. You hear rumours of the likes of Denis Suarez, Banega wanting to replace Ozil, I am shocked to my bone marrow. Must Arsenal keep going for average players? Arsenal’s structure is one we are still yet to understand. Another news is the one of our head of recruitment we just signed in the summer Sven Mislintat leaving.

So the question is who is to blame: Stan Kreonke, Ivan Gazidis, the Arsenal’s board, Arsene Wenger, Unai Emery or the players. Everyone has a share of the blame. Arsenal fans, football lovers what are your thoughts.. feel free to comment below or tweet at us @kasbornofficial…

New Year. New Love?

It’s been a while, I know. Let me officially welcome you to the New Year. I hope you know all that Amen and hallelujah you shouted in church isn’t gonna cut it this year, if you intend making any progress this year, well you have to be intentional about it, you’ll need to put in a lot of work and you’ll need all the focus you can muster. Now that all the fanfare and festivities are over, and you’ve forwarded your half-baked or maybe it was a heartfelt message and you got the same enthusiastic reply. I do sincerely hope you’ve taken some time aside to reflect on the past year, especially on the kind of relationships you had.   No doubt, some relationships ended with the year, you have to resset YOUR dating options  this year so you don’t repeat the mistakes of the past. If you don’t learn from your mistakes, there’ll be resit sometime in the future. Life can be like an exam sometimes. We hope negative things don’t happen but things do happen. We learn and move on. Some will be celebrating another anniversary this year! And some, well, they’ll keep hopping around looking for another orifice that’ll satisfy their amorous desires, hopefully, you’ll find that which you seek, keep in mind it’s a pretty small world. You’ve left a trail of emotionally scathed partners waiting for their own pound of flesh. Besides, you’d be scarring yourself in this your sperm donating frenzy, why not take a break and ask yourself what it is you really want .
To those who got heart broken, there’s no need for denial. It’s a gut wrenching experience, like 253 punches landed on your stomach at once! If there ever was anything worth relishing in that relationship, do relish it, relive some of the experiences you enjoyed, bask in those beautiful memories you shared together, play those songs you enjoyed together, read the chats that made you smile at your phone like you had a temporary bout of senescence. The way he smiled at you, like you were the only thing in existence, he made you feel good, right now your heart is betraying you, the smell of his cologne wafted pass you. When you’re done with all this, you have to let it all go. Delete the conversations, pictures, videos anything that reminds you of the good times. Out of sight, out of mind. Pick up the shards of your broken heart. It was worth it while it lasted. Like Ariana Grande said, “Thank you, next”. Dust yourself, do those things that set your heart on fire. Accept you for who you are, warts and all. Whether you’re a nerd, bohemian, fashionista, an outlier. Just do you. There’s no one size fit all when it comes to what people find attractive in others. Different strokes for different folks. Put yourself out there, someone might just fall for the fact that you know the 118 elements on the periodic table, or that you know the name of some faraway galaxy, or they might just love the way you matched your Louboutins with that Prada dress, heck, they might just love how your eyes glow in the dark when it reflects the light from the moon! Who knows!? Attraction is a complex combination of taste, culture, exposure, upbringing and the rest.
And you, yes you. Love birds. I see you, you’re on a roll right now, and you can’t have enough of each other, well, cheers. May your love wax stronger. I do hope with time you won’t get comfortable and take each other for granted, love requires a lot of effort and a shit tonna sacrifice from both of you. You can’t clap with one hand remember. Keep the embers of your love burning bright. To you that have given up on love, common you can do better than that, no one deserves to deny you of your happiness. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time, this isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Depression is another end of the spectrum, you wouldn’t want that for yourself. If there are any personality flaws or issues holding you back, you should seek help or sort yourself out. Don’t be that shy guy at the bar that just keeps staring, he can already picture the wedding day in his mind, being shy can be cute sometimes but it’s not a strategy you should employ, good ol’ sincerity and humour should do the job. Cheesy pick-up lines are overrated. Just approach her, there’s no two ways about it, or you might just lose a fine lady, we’d never know.
Once again, cheers to a new year, filled with romantic love stories, the Daniel Steele kind! Long walks on the beach, watching beautiful sunsets and let’s not forget, toe curling orgasms, if that’s your thing.

Be focused this year. Be resolute about what you want. Have a guidance system. Don’t forget to live. Remember to breathe!

You’ll hear from me soon.